Hollywood Smile

Have you ever wondered how stars have perfect, symmetrical, bright, white teeth? And asked yourself are they born with such nice teeth? Well Al Afia Medical Centre can make you look like the stars.

Stars, models, and celebrities although might have good genes but not every star has perfect teeth. Perfection in the smile zone which involves the frontal teeth that is visible to others can be achieved using different methods such as zirconium, porcelain veneers, composite veneers or lumineers.

Al Afia Medical Centre professional dentists will provide you with a free consultation with any procedure performed at our clinic, to evaluate what is the most suitable procedure for your teeth, to look as natural, perfect, and noticeable to other people. We also try to get you the results that you want within your budget.

Our dentist are like artists, they will ensure that your new look is not only appealing but also natural.